You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth. – Khalil Gibran

It’s been a good week! A busy week! I’ve taken lots of photos! Hooray!

A first haircut

Arthur had his first haircut this week. He’s had the odd fringe trim from us, but this was the first time he had visited the hairdresser. He was not impressed. He watched Betsy get her hair trimmed first of all, and then spent most of his cut staring at the stylist with nothing but suspicion and contempt. He was ok though, by the end of the cut he was much more interested in what was happening and was happily running around the salon afterwards. It’s amazing what a little trim can do to a face though isn’t it? Arthur didn’t have a huge amount off, but he suddenly looks so more grown-up than before (saying that, I had about 10 inches cut off my own hair the other weekend and hardly anyone has noticed!).

The penguins at London Zoo

A very similar picture to last week’s Living arrows post, but this time we’re in London Zoo looking at the penguins. It’s a great enclosure for the penguins, and it’s brilliant for visitors too as you can see underwater. The best section being the big round porthole you can sit in where you feel like you’re in the water with the penguins, and the penguins are rather fascinated with their visitors.


The penguins at London Zoo

The penguins at London Zoo

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  1. Oh Arthur’s little face – priceless! I wish so much I’d had a chance to visit London Zoo while we were in the UK – we definitely need to do it one day, your pics look like they had so much fun! x x #livingarrows

  2. What fab photos! I’m so jealous of you visiting the penguins! I love the look on your little boy’s face, so funny, and much better than screaming and refusing to have it done which is what my son was like to start with! x #LivingArrows

  3. Arthur is sat so still bless him, oh and his expression is just priceless. Betsy looks really intrigued by the penguins. Beautiful captures hon! xx #livingarrows

  4. I love the penguins at London zoo, and you’ve captured them perfectly. Such beautiful photos! A first haircut is such a big milestone too! x

  5. Arthur certainly does looks suspicious! I’m the only person who has cut Toby’s hair so far but I think I might have to brave the hairdresser with him sometime soon! The penguins look like so much fun too – we live near Edinburgh zoo and they have a penguin parade where they walk them through the zoo, we’ve not been yet but it’s definitely in the plans for this year some time. #LivingArrows

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