You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth. – Khalil Gibran

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a super week. We have been busy, the highlight was visiting my new nephew down in Haywards Heath. Welcome to the world Harvey! Now go to sleep! (actually, don’t go to sleep now, do it tonight. Your Ma needs some rest). Betsy is super excited about this, out of the six cousins on my side of the family, only Betsy and Rose are girls. With the arrival of Harvey, both are now big sisters to two baby brothers. This is a big deal to Boo and she loves that she has this in common with Rose.

Living Arrows

Betsy with Harvey and his dad.

Living Arrows

Zombies in practice.

So who else finds out what school their child goes to in September tonight? I have been absolutely FINE about our primary school selection for the most part. We are very lucky and are surrounded by some brilliant schools and no matter what school place Betsy is given, she will do fine, I can’t help feeling a little nervous as the announcement approaches. Like I said, all the schools we have put down, Boo would be very happy in there, but I hope that we get our first choice (it’s not our first choice for nothing you know). Still can’t help have moments where I go OHMYGOD HOW IS SHE EVEN OLD ENOUGH FOR SCHOOL ALREADY?! Or get really rather cross at the lack of Forest Schools. Or get very, very cross at Nicky Morgan (and Michael Gove before her). Or wonder why we don’t have an educational system more like the Scandinavians and I really wish there was much more play-based education from year 1 and upwards and don’t get me started on SATS..! And I have probably spent far too much time on unschooling blogs too. Anyway, what I’m really trying to say is if you are also going to hear what school your child is going to go to, JOLLY GOOD LUCK. I hope you get your first choice and if you don’t, I hope it’s a weird twist of fate and your second or third choice was actually the school that was meant to be. What ever school your child goes to, I hope they thrive there.

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  1. Aw congratulations on the new nephew. Lovely photos.

    Hope you got the school choice you wanted. Off to nosy and see if you’ve posted it That was us last year and I felt it was everywhere because all the first timers were talking all over twitter, but it’s felt quieter this year or maybe just because we weren’t going through it #livingarrows

  2. I LOVE your little off shoot at the end about school. I get mad about the lack of forest schools, outdoorsiness in our mainstream schooling and can get obsessed with reading unschooling blogs…but at the same time I loved school, so I hope my boy does when he starts in September! I hope you got the school you wanted xx

  3. Awww how adorable is this first picture…Congrats on the arrival of your nephew!
    Haha love the picture of the zombies in practice. Xx #livingarrows

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