You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth. – Khalil Gibran

Living Arrows – a portrait a week of my two children.



Every year through Enfield on the last Sunday of November is the Light Parade where local groups get together and have a carnival type thing that leads to the main Christmas tree lights in town being switched on. We go along every year and it’s always an enjoyable evening, although this year got slightly shambolic as the parade got diverted at one point due to an accident. Still, we managed to watch the fireworks while drinking our hot chocolates at the market and there’s always a nice atmosphere there. More importantly, it marks the start of Christmas celebrations – I know it’s still November! – and we don’t really get into the swing of things until a couple of weeks in December, but it gets the kiddos all excited and eager for things to come.

Speaking of the kiddos, last year I started my December Daily album with a letter to Betsy and Arthur and I thought it would be good to do again.

Hello Betsy and Arthur!
I’m not going to lie, but I’m going to be glad to see the back of 2016. This year has been a tough one. Amazing musicians have been lost, favourite actors gone, Britain voted to leave the EU and took away opportunities you might have otherwise had when you’re older. A misogynist, racist and right wing loon was voted into the White House and the world has never seemed so divided. Oh, and that nice lady from Homes Under the Hammer left the show. Curse you, cruel year! Except this year hasn’t been a total disaster because we as a family are all pretty cool. You, Betsy and Arthur, are our shining stars. Dada is doing well in his job that he started at the beginning of the year, I’m ticking along okay. We had to say goodbye to our amazing cat Ian, who I still miss every day, but we now have a new cat and Marvin has been a wonderful addition to this household. Nothing is perfect in this house, but together I think we make an amazing team and you two are getting closer and closer every week. You miss each other when you are in school, Betsy, and you give each other the biggest hugs just before you walk through the gate. It’s beautiful to see. Speaking of school, Boo, you have taken to it like a duck to water. You really seem to love it there. You really look forward to PE, your writing is getting really good and you have started to read too. It’s so exciting! You are interested in everything. You told me this morning you wanted to be a scientist and look after pets and also run the café in our local library. You have ambition! You are still very strong willed and I hope that never leaves you. Arthur, you are still our sweet, affectionate boy. Your speech has come along in leaps and bounds recently and we all love the way you call your sister “Bet-bee”. You love your days with Nanny Granddad while I’m work although you really need more of a social life and play with more kids. We will sort that out.
So yes, the world seems uncertain at the moment, but you two are the future and if you continue to be as kind and thoughtful and have such a strong idea about what is just and right as you do at the moment, then we have nothing to fear. But for the moment, let us enjoy the now, us being together and have the merriest of Christmases.
Lots of love, your Mama who loves you.

And below is how it looks in my DD album.

December Daily

December daily

I printed the letter on some writing paper, cut it to size and added washi tape and stars. There’s a green stamp on the letter, but the washi tape is too shiny for the ink to stick so it’s all a but smeary. Annoying. The letter got glued to a 6×4 card and that got stapled to the bottom of the 2×2 page protector. Pictures of the kiddos from the light parade adorn the top of the page. Most importantly I am now ready for December the 1st and starting this journal proper! I’m working on Thursday so it’s going to be a quiet (boring) day, so not the most interesting of starts!

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