You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth. – Khalil Gibran

Living Arrows – a portrait a week of my two children.

So the trip down to Sussex I mentioned last week was a success. The kids were brilliant on the journey down and back and it was wonderful seeing my sister and her husband and kids. All four cousins got on so well and were genuinely pleased to see each other. It was really good. Need to do it again soon! I love that picture above of the kiddos with Rose, Rose’s face is a picture! Shame I used too large an aperture though. Lesson learned.

My sister lives in a village and about a minute’s walk from her house you find yourself in fields. It’s flipping idyllic, especially when one of the fields contain a number of friendly horses. We also found some badger snuffle holes much to the kids’ (and mine) excitement.

And on the way home, I had to snap a picture of Art and Betsy next to the new tiles at Victoria station, they’re gorgeous.

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