There are only ten weeks left of this year, people. Ten weeks left! I’ve just had a mild panic about what to do for Christmas presents. Also, this is the week for some Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy joke.

A bit of a shakey start to the week, but much improved at the weekend with a couple of things. First, we’ve got the highchair ready for Arthur when he starts weaning (in a month, or earlier if his sitting up improves and it’s getting better by the hour). He also cut his first tooth this week. Flipping ‘eck, the chap, stop growing up so quickly.

living arrows

This weekend we saw one of my oldest friends, Fox, who we don’t nearly see often enough because he now lives in Norway. He hadn’t seen Boo since she was a baby, but she took a shine to him (as everyone does when they meet Fox).

living arrows

But the best news this week was that my sister gave birth to a girl! Hooray for her! Everyone is doing well from all accounts. Can’t wait to meet Rose soon.

living arrows
(this was a picture taken at the end of September when she started mat leave. Betsy, I’d like to point out, isn’t doing her best impression of tooth decay from the middle ages, but had in fact just eaten chocolate cake)


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