I got a new phone this week, the HTC One M8. The camera’s pretty sweet! Both these shots are from it. We’ve been out and about this week; Dave was away this weekend and I’ve discovered that it’s much easier looking after both kids if we keep out of the house for as long as possible. So we played in playgrounds, visited the library when it got too cold and risked soft play on a Sunday (which back-fired a bit with an over-tired, cranky Betsy and an over-tired, cranky Mama). We also had a super day in London catching the number 11 bus (Betsy’s first Routemaster!), seeing the reindeer in Covent Garden (the beautiful silver reindeer statue and the real reindeer that are brought in every Saturday until Christmas) and finishing off with a hot chocolate in Starbucks. Quite possibly the most suburban trip ever (had we included a trip to Hamleys, it would have been the most suburban trip into London ever).

living arrows
18 November, 2014


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    27 November, 2014

    What a lush weekend! This kinda sounds like heaven to me – minus the soft play bit πŸ™‚ #livingarrows

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    Emma T (@ETusty)

    2 December, 2014

    Great shot in the soft play. I find smartphones have such great cameras now, you can get brilliant photos from them providing the light is right. #livingarrows


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