Has anyone ever collected any stats on how many pictures taken for the Living Arrows project from all the bloggers feature their children on swings? I think it may be quite high. But then there’s something so joyous about something so simple. It really is one of life’s little pleasures, and now Arthur can sit up, he can join in the fun too. Betsy is mad keen on being able to push him, bu we have yet to have that chance, this picture was taken while she was at nursery. Soon, Boo, soon.

living arrows

The colours seem a bit off in that photo? I shoot in RAW, but I have a LOT to learn about colour, I need to learn to be able to read my histogram I think! If any of you clever photo people can point me to useful colour resources on the net, that would be brilliant.

Betsy’s picture was also taken in the park, but this time on Saturday. It’s so very rare we leave the house early on a weekend, but we had some snow forecast. Not a lot of snow, hardly any really, but enough to excite Betsy and wonder if Father Christmas was going to make another visit. So we wandered down to a very quiet and bitterly cold park, cracked all the ice in the puddles (and then tried to eat some) and when the snow did start to fall it was most exciting indeed. We stuck our tongues out in the hope of catching a snowflake and had I to explain why there wasn’t quite enough snow to make a snowman.

living arrows

Living Arrows


  1. I’m sure at least half of my pictures last year were on the swings – maybe Living Arrows should have a swing themed week one time!!

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