We have done a lot this half term weekend. We’ve braved the crowds in central London three times, eaten a lot, watched way too much Dora the Explorer and have generally enjoyed each other’s company a lot. I’m also in bad need of a nap.

Living Arrows

THIS GIRL. We’ve had such a brilliant week together, she and I. Since Arthur was born and Betsy turned three, my stress levels have gone up and so has the quickness of my temper. Betsy has big emotions and I don’t always help her as well as I could when my default emotion these days seems to be irritated. I guess we’re both still finding our feet with each other after the arrival of Art. Anyway, things seemed to have clicked a bit more this week. We had our first trip out just her and I which probably helped, but even before that Boo has seemed a bit happier and I was calmer and actually felt like more of the gentle parent I want to be. I don’t know if that’s because Betsy didn’t go to nursery this week, or she’s had some kind of developmental growth, or it was because Dave was working 9-5 shifts, or the St John’s Wort kicked in or what, but things definitely felt better*.

Living Arrows

This poor face. Covered in snot (another cold!), bruises from quite a few falls and knocks and felt-tip pen from Betsy drawing on him. Still at least he’s been pretty cheerful about the whole thing. He also discovered his new favourite pastime this week which was gnawing on whole apples.

Living Arrows

Living Arrows

We also spotted our first ladybird of the spring this week (which seems too early?) on the pavement near the train station. We picked it up and Betsy very carefully held the card the bug was sitting on. He eventually crawled up into Boo’s coat sleeve and remained there until we got home and we popped it onto one of our planters outside the front door. When I asked her if we should give the ladybird a name she replied we should call him Arthur. Hope you enjoy your new home, Arthur!

Living Arrows

*I’ve just realised that I think I’ve made it sound like the times here are bad between me and Boo most of the time, but they’re not at all. But while the testing times are fewer than the good times, sometimes the testing times can overshadow the good. Do you know what I mean?


  1. I don’t think you have made it sound like times are “bad” I think you have made it sound like they are real! Love the ladybird too, it does seem early. They hibernate I think, so obviously they think it is warm enough to come out!

  2. I don’t think it sounds like things are always tough and I know exactly what you mean. It’s the combination of sleep deprivation and just being stretched a bit thinner than you were before and having multiple needs to attend to at the same time. From experience I think it gets easier as the littlest ones get older because then everyone’s needs can take equal footing, rather than when babies are newborn and they get first dibs on Mummy. It sounds like you had a lovely half term too and I love that butterfly picture 🙂

  3. I know what you mean about the moments when kids are testing you. I had a lot of times like this before. I actually thought that this is how we (my son & I) are going to be forever. But we outgrow this phase.

    This looks like a nice week. I have envy because we are all sick and we just stayed indoors most of the half term week!


  4. Definitely understand what you mean. It can be so exhausting when the hard times make you feel like the good ones are overshadowed. It’s just tiring when they’re going through a difficult phase, because even when it’s good you can be thinking/strategising how to not end up there again. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. I love all the animal print, she looks like a little superstar diva – gorgeous photos

  5. It’s really hard splitting yourself between two kiddos and I think anyone who doesn’t get a little overwhelmed by that sometimes is either lying or has the patience of a saint! Love the photos, Arthur seems such a jolly baby and Miss Betsy is such a little fashionista! x

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