Ah, what a lovely week. Lots of little things to do, many trips to the park and just lots of fun hanging out with these two. I am feeling the return to work hard, and the closer I get to the date, the more mixed I feel about the whole thing. I really thought the return to work this time would be much easier than it was when I returned after having Betsy, but I’m not so sure now.

Living Arrows|BakingBetsy.com

Arthur learnt how to go down the slide this week. All rather terrifying as it involves me standing at one side of the climbing frame to make sure he doesn’t fall through the big hole once he’s climbed up and then racing round to the front as soon as I spot him going towards the slide so I can catch him while he hurls himself head first down the slide, giggling loudly as he does it.

Living Arrows|BakingBetsy.com

Betsy with her very serious face on. I think she’s processing the disappointment that she can’t have a ride in the big tractor that she so desperately wanted to do at our local farm’s open day. She settled for a picture though, which is unusual for her, I think she rather liked that the wheels were bigger than her. Also pictured is her toy penguin who Betsy declared was her “best friend” that day.

Living Arrows

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  1. Oh well done Arthur! Slides are a lot of fun. And Betsy does look very serious next to the giant tractor wheel doesn’t she 🙂

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