You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.
– Khalil Gibran

Busy week! I am finally getting back into the swing of working again, I even -gasp- enjoyed myself there this week. Betsy hasn’t been so happy with me back at work. She’s in nursery two days a week now and dropping her off is like when she first went to nursery two and a half years ago, lots of clutching at me and tears, poor thing. She’ll get there though, she has some really lovely friends who look after her. We went into London on Friday to have an adventure, reconnect and spot Shaun the Sheep. We had a total blast. We discovered some fountains just of London Wall on Aldermanbury Square, a great little find – lots of running around space and seats. It’s quiet too (although I suspect it gets quite busy at lunch time). We had our lunch on the rooftop of One New Change, which again offers lots of space to run around and fantastic views too, we loved it there (it’s also a nice spot for cocktails if you’re child free too).



Living Arrows


    1. Funny enough I was thinking of him and where he works, but I wasn’t too sure where he was exactly. You should totally do the trip, although the train ride is just a bit too long, Betsy git bored once we were underground, had to launch games on my phone for her…

  1. Ah lovely to see you discovered my old work territory, dare i say i miss the city a little. It will make our trips in even more special though I am sure.

  2. Love water fountains and displays in cities, there should be more around. We’re in London this week to see some of the Shauns, but haven’t worked out where exactly we’re going yet. Must get planning

  3. Really great action shot, the first one is brilliant. I love London and would love to spend more time down there exploring and finding out about all the little cafes and exhibitions. The cocktails sound great! #LivingArrows

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