Last Saturday was the annual Come Away With The Faeries festival that takes place locally. It’s such a brilliant day out, there are crafts laid out where you can make your own wands and crowns, bands to listen to, yoga and a host of other things. It’s quite a magical thing and something we make sure we don’t miss.

Living Arrows

We came upon this storyteller who told the story about all the animals on the African plains having a dance competition. For each animal, the teller would get a couple of children up to do the movements of an animal while everyone else danced along. Betsy and her friend Seren were snakes. I’m pretty surprised but so proud that Betsy went up and stood in front of all those people, it’s not her thing to do at all, but lovely to see and it’s just another thing to remind me that’s she’s growing up. I have no idea which animal won the competition, the monkeys were pretty competitive, but I missed the end because Arthur decided to go for a walk. Speaking of Arthur…

Living Arrows

He had a whale of a time at the festival. We got there early so he could wonder around and not be strapped into the buggy all day and loved being able to explore, he was a proper free range child that day. He especially loved this (slightly rickety) bridge to play on. He napped for over two hours afterwards, unheard of!

Living Arrows


  1. We have a local woodland fairy day that takes place once a year, so magical for the little ones (and adults too) – beautiful photos

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