Making a Wreath Hello again, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’m still battling morning sickness and exhaustion during the evenings so blogging is still a bit sparse around here, but I have been keeping myself busy during the day when I have a bit of energy to use; mostly with Betsy and getting ready for Christmas! We’ve been making Christmas cake and pudding (The Boo is a Top Class stirrer) and biscuits with Dave too (he has the most excellent cinnamon biscuit recipe that I must share on here one day) and another batch of spiced vodka to consume over the hols too (although this time, I omitted the chilli and replaced with black peppercorns as the chilli blew my socks off last year and added a dash of dark rum too). We’ve not done an awful lot of crafty things at the moment, although I am half-heartedly making some felt ornaments, but we’ll see if they make the light of day! What I have done, and am rather proud of, is the wreath for our front door. Last year, I attended a wreath making day at the fabulous Love 13 in Bush Hill Park, but I fancied making my own this year using cuttings from my mum and dad’s lovely garden. We popped down a week before I made the wreath and hung the plants upside down so they could dry out a bit, just look at the lovely things we picked!

christmas wreath

Putting a wreath together is easy, but time-consuming. Messy too! Moss tends to get everywhere and I discovered one or two beetles wandering around on the table aswell, but it was fun and hugely satisfying to see it develop. You need:

  • A wire wreath ring
  • Binding wire
  • Moss
  • Cut wire lengths
  • Lots of evergreen leaves (I used ivy and eucalyptus and some other plants I can’t identify, cuttings from Christmas trees are good to use too, as is anything broad-leaved)
  • Dried flowers, berries, chillies, dried orange slices, anything that you like the look of

First of all, get your wire wreath ring. Making a Wreath Pretend it’s a halo for a bit. Ahem. Wrap the end of the of the binding wire around the frame. Then grab and handful of moss, pop it onto the frame and wrap the binding wire around it. Keep adding handfuls and winding the wire around moss and frame until the whole frame is covered. Making a Wreath Making a Wreath Once that’s done, cut the wire and push the end into the moss. Making a Wreath Now we’re ready for the fun stuff! Grab a leaf or some foliage and wrap a piece of cut wire around its stem and push the wire through the moss. Keep repeating this until the moss is covered (don’t worry about gaps as you can cover these with flowers and other decorations later). Making a Wreath making a wreath It helps if you don’t have a cat getting in the way (tails tend to push everything onto the floor). Making a Wreath Once your leaves are in place, add any decorations you’d like by wrapping wire round them and fixing to the moss. I used some lovely hydrangea heads and the bow from last year’s wreath. I could have added a lot more (I was planning on using some pine cones too, but I got tired and decided to finish, hang the wreath on the door and go to bed), but I rather like this very natural (and slightly shabby look. Making a Wreath

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