In a little corner of the South Bank, nestled between to Hungerford Bridge and Jubiliee Gardens is a rather special place that houses two venues. The Udderbelly, a giant inflatable purple cow and London Wonderground, a beautiful spiegeltent that hosts cabaret, burlesque and a baby disco, which is where we found ourselves yesterday.


I was really looking forward to it as I’ve not been out dancing for almost two years, but I must admit I was a little apprehensive about how well Betsy would take the whole experience. She loves music, but it was quite dark and busy and the music pretty loud. But she had a ball. Immediately she danced her heart out with us and didn’t really stop despite being completely knackered by the end of it.


We had a lot of fun too. For a start there’s a bar, with proper drinks and everything, and the music was proper too, none of this top ten rubbish (I seem to be very much in old person mode at the moment…). Monski (a really charming host flanked by a couple of fun dancers, and she plays everything on vinyl) played a few well known children’s songs (See Those Sleeping Bunnies, Nelly The Elephant – the Toy Dolls version, awesome), but an awful lot of just very good music that people can dance too. Like The Cure! That made my day, that. Harry Belafonte’s Jump The Line got a play too and I’ve posted it below because it’s been a wonderful earworm ever since I heard it.

The disco is on until mid September, but only every second Sunday. We are planning on going again as it’s such a nice thing to do, especially as there’s the rest of the South Bank to explore.

Tired Boo
(one very tired Boo)


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