Moon Dust

Did you see the full Moon last week? Wasn’t it beautiful? There’s just something so special about its light, I always find myself sitting down and staring at a full moon and basking in the moonlight, it’s rather magical. Weirdly, it also reminded me of an activity I’d seen on Happy Hooligans many moons ago (haha) called Cloud Dough, but I had renamed Moon Dust in my head at some point. I’m not really wanting to stray too far from the house at the moment, just in case Amazertron decides that they want to see the world and this is a great thing to entertain Betsy with. It’s super simple to make, but very, very messy and I’d advise that this is used outdoors with few clothes on!

Moon Dust -

You need 7 parts plain flour to 1 part oil (I used some Bio Oil I discovered the other day from my last pregnancy, but baby oil would work, as would a vegetable oil if your little one is prone to tasting everything). Mix it up using your fingers and you’re done!

Moon Dust -

HH suggest using a spare cat litter tray to play in, but ours is full of light bulbs for some reason so I just used a plastic bowl. A tray would be perfect though. It also keeps forever if kept in an airtight container. The texture is that of wet sand, but it’s a bit more moldable and because of the oil smells amazing. It makes for brilliant sensory play and Betsy quietly played with it for ages. It feels cold to the touch and we’d squeeze some in our clenched fingers to make crocodiles as Betsy called them and she would also make sand castles with the egg cup.

Moon Dust -

I was just happy to run my fingers though the dust and make small balls, it felt very calming, much like staring at the Moon.

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