Just before the bank holiday weekend, Betsy, Art and I met up with Annie from Mammasaurus at Mottisfont Abbey, a National Trust property with the most amazing gardens.





There is something for everyone there. Gorgeous manicured gardens – I need to visit again in the spring to see the rose garden in all it’s glory – woodland to explore and large areas of grass to run around. There’s so much outdoor space, you can quite happily spend the day there without entering the house.




When we visited, there was a Charlie and Lola trail around the grounds. You got a map next to the entrance, there were two, one for under fives, and one for children aged five and over. Betsy absolutely refused to do the under 5 trail, wanting to do the same as Kitty and Ozzy. In the house itself was an exhibition of Lauren Child’s work, which was fascinating and I wish I could have spent more time looking that. Her work is amazing and full of detail. There were also items on display like the old child’s dress that was photographed and turned into Lola’s pyjamas in the books. There was also a room in which you could also create your own Lauren Child style piece of art by colouring in and collaging a bird or leaf and adding it to a tree.

Bank Holiday weekend | BakingBetsy


Bank Holiday weekend | BakingBetsy

But mostly there was much exploring and running around.





Arthur was fascinated by the plant labels! He’d stop and look at every one as he walked by.

So few photos of such a lovely day – I spent much of my time picking Arthur up every time he stumbled as he couldn’t do it himself in his wellies.If you want to see some more (and much better) photographs of that day, hop on over to Annie’s site. I need to go back and take more photos. And explore the house and see the gardens in different seasons. Oh, I wish I lived closer to Mottisfont!


  1. Mottisfont is quite near us and somewhere on my list of places to visit. We invested in NT passes a month or so ago and are working around all the places near us! x

  2. It does look like a jewel in the NT’s crown. And if it looks good on a grey and cloudy day you know it’s going to be awesome in the sunshine. What a lovely spot indeed!

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