Birthday party

Radvent day two will have to wait. It’s a subject that requires a decent reply and work, Betsy and sheer tiredness means it’s difficult to give the proper time. Radvent is tough! For day three I’m taking it easy though and giving you some tunes. Music is a big part of my life, it’s always around me and I hope in years to come, Betsy and I will be able to listen to albums, go to gigs and festivals together and enjoy music. This playlist below is a selection of tunes from the playlist I made for Betsy’s birthday party, tracks that I have either sung to her as a baby, played to her in the car or were the soundtrack to the summer I was pregnant with her.

[gigya width=”640″ height=”535″ src=”″ quality=”high” wmode=”tranparent” allowfullscreen=”true” ]

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