New Years party for two

While Dave spent NYE partying in style with White Mischief, Betsy and I had a quiet night in waiting for the midnight bells to toll.

We had party food for dinner. Olives, cocktail sausages, cream cheese pinwheels were savouries amongst others and yoghurt (for Betsy) and champagne jelly (for me) were had for dessert.




It’s an Ian head rub! Betsy learnt that off our cat and was the first sign of affection that she learnt before hugs or kisses, it’s lovely to receive

After Betsy went to bed, Ian and I snuggled up to drink sherry (me, not him), watch the amazing fireworks display on the telly, have a cry at midnight (again, me, not Ian), be bored by the Hootenanny and have a bit of a dance to Channel 4’s House Party.


It’s been an amazing year for me. The difficult newborn stage was almost over (or at least easier to deal with) come January and I have seen Betsy grow into the most brilliant, sparky and funny girl. We done things that we won’t get to do again (The Olympics in London) and have done some things that I hope we continue to do in years to come – I have loved my annual membership to London and Whipsnade Zoo and will definitely be visiting many, many more times. Above all, the majority of this year was spent on maternity leave and I have absolutely loved spending the majority of my time in a little cocoon with the Boo. I’m back at work now, but I hope that Betsy and I will be spending many more special moments together in 2013 along with having many more adventures as a family with Dave.

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