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Don’t have an allotment? Wish you had a bigger vegetable patch? Not to worry, a pick your own farm is the solution! We’re very lucky to have Parkside Farm a two-minute drive away (it’s pretty much opposite Trent Park on Hadley Road) from us and we made a visit a couple of weekends ago.

Parkside Farm PYO

It’s a very big farm and when we went there were plenty of *deep breath* strawberries, raspberries, redcurrants, blackcurrant, courgettes, beetroot, spinach, broad beans, spinach, runner beans and onions available with a whole heap of plums, tomatoes, sweetcorn, pumpkin and other things growing for harvest later in the year. You could quite easily pick your entire year’s worth of vegetables and fruit here if you have a big enough freezer!

Parkside PYO

It’s a nice place to visit even if you only want a few strawberries for that evening’s dessert. There are a couple of picnic areas and the scenery is really rather pretty. The atmosphere is something too. Whole families come up here from all over north London and on a sunny Sunday morning the place is packed, but the farm is so big it’s never crowded and you often have whole alleys of fruit plants to yourself. I ended up with more than just a few strawberries. You see, I have a tendency to be a little over enthusiastic when it come to things like this. I ended up with over 3kg of strawberries, 2kg of raspberries, a decent amount of redcurrants, a whole heap of courgettes and beetroot and more broad beans than you can shake a stick at. Typically, I forgot to photograph my harvest. But trust me, it looked good. And slightly overwhelming with all the super ripe soft fruit.


Over the next few days I’ll be showing you what I’ve been doing with everything. (Panic cooking, that’s what! Man do those raspberries go off quickly…) Its jam tomorrow, yum.


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