Last Saturday I marched. I joined thousands of others on the streets of London to protest about a man who is openly misogynistic, uses fear to drum up support and openly lies (sorry, uses “alternative facts”) and also happens to be running one of the biggest countries in the world. Trump is a scary man and I fear for the world these next four years (and quite possibly eight) and I especially fear what world my children are going to grow up into when things are being voted on through lies, fear and hate. It’s not just Trump, it’s this whole sorry Brexit situation too. I hate the fact that this country and the States are becoming more insular and that hate crimes are going up. I want my kids to grow up in a world where people regardless of gender or race or religion are accepted for who they are and treated equally and not treated with suspicion and contempt. It feels like progress has gone back fifty years recently.

I don’t know what I can do personally to stop this, but sitting at home being angry and scared isn’t doing anyone any good and sometimes you just need to do something to voice your discontent. The march was the perfect thing to do. A chance to join in solidarity with women in the States. To be part of something positive. My word, it was so, so positive. Everyone there were brilliant. It felt like a movement, if felt like we could change the world. Families, women, men, people from all walks of life all together. I felt so proud of everybody. I didn’t take a huge amount of photos and they are all of the placards we saw. The placards were brilliant by the way, so much humour, so on point.

The Women’s March On London are starting a new campaign, 10 Actions, which you can read about and join here.


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