150/365 Buttercups picked in the field we held Arthur’s birthday party shining in the sunlight. They really are lovely flowers, aren’t they?

babychino time
151/365 An afternoon spent in Love13 drinking babychinos and crafting.

152/365 Walked a slightly different way into work this morning and snapped the Royal Air Force memorial on the way.

zig zag building
153/365 The Zig Zag building along Victoria Street

committee room 10
154/365 Committee Room 10. Love the Pugin wallpaper!

155/365 I left my phone at work the previous evening like an idiot so I dragged the kids down to the office to pick it up. Not a bad day actually. Betsy loved the water cooler and Arthur pushed the buggy all around Victoria Tower Gardens.

156/365 There is not one thing in focus in this photo! Oh well. Playing in the fountain at our local library.

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  1. That’s quite a lovely walk into work! Beautiful buttercups, such a simple yet lovely flower 🙂

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