Busy week! Flipping good too. Everything is slightly blurred this week too, I wondering if there was something wrong with my camera until now when I just spotted a massive smudge on my lens. Heh. This is why I’ll never be a photographer.

Fondue night
047/365 Fondue (or should that be fundo) night. Because we party like it’s 1975.

048/365 Playing in the actually really brilliant play park in Victoria Gardens after watching the Parliamentary pancake race. Blurry as hell, but you can’t miss the joy on those faces.

Thames gazing
049/365 Gazing down at the Thames after seeing Charlie and Lola at the South Bank centre. Such a fantastic time was had, must write about this actually.

A chicken
050/365 A chicken at the animal area in a garden centre in Herts. We went along with Betsy’s friend George. The best thing about the animal centre? There is a pair of tortoises called Betsy and George.

Biking Buddies
051/365 Biking buddies. Betsy and Caspar in Trent Park.

Bath fun
052/365 Bathtime fun.

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  1. Loving Betsy’s coat – she rocks! I had a blur on my old camera during a camping trip and didn’t realise until too late! Lovely snaps anyway 🙂

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