Well April was lovely, wasn’t it? Some sun, a bit of warmth, lots of friends visiting the new house (and visiting a friend’s new house too), flipping perfect. We’ve had a bit of alfresco drinking and dining and a visit to Whipsnade. But mostly we’ve been settling into the house, playing and laughing.


1. Daff,
2. Mesmerised,
3. cat scarf,
4. A painted egg from nursery,
5. Boo,
6. .,
7. Yes, she can!,
8. pretty flowers along Southbury Road,
9. meeting the neighbours,
10. A cheeky drink before home,
11. To do,
12. Elephants out for a walk,
13. Baby shower,
14. The daffs in sun,
15. Pigtails,
16. flowers


1. Media waiting for Thatcher’s funeral prosession,
2. Member,
3. happy eater,
4. First BBQ of the year,
5. Bookshelf,
6. Spotting Daddy coming home,
7. Summer shoes,
8. Hello, vitamin D,
9. Aeroplane,
10. Light,
11. Betsy’s trying to feed Ian again,
12. Bark,
13. Someone likes the front facing camera of my phone,
15. Last minute cupcakes for tomorrow’s nursery

We’ll be out and about more in May. The Boo and I have a trip to Coram’s Fields on Friday, Dave and I are off to see The Book of Mormon on Saturday (so, very, very excited) and there’s a few other trips planned too. Busy, busy!

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