It’s been a busy month here, I’ve been settling back into work and Betsy has been settling into nursery (last week was the first week she didn’t cry when we dropped her off. Still upsetting to let her go though) and we’ve been doing lots of fun things during the weekend.


1. Seagulls, 2. Ally Pally, 3. flamingo at Whipsnade, 4. Adventurer, 5. Afternoon tea at the Ampersand Hotel, 6. Sunday lunch, 7. ball pool, 8. Oxtail stew, 9. 009/365, 10. Happy birthday, Tube!, 11. betsy eats, 12. Health and safety at Enfield Town Library, 13. Untitled, 14. Enfield Town Park, 15. Look! A tiny bit of daylight!, 16. My two boys


1. sunrise, 2. Snow day, 3. Snowy London, 4. Someone has decided that they definitely do not like avocado., 5. Yep, it’s still cold here, 6. Not very good at keeping herbs, 7. Daffodils, 8. Feed me. Now., 9. trampoline, 10. boiling point, 11. baking, 12. Storytime, 13. cat nap, 14. Taking the Snowman down, 15. hat


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