March has been *busy*. Turns out that moving takes quite a lot of work. We also had a super trip down to Bournemouth for a weekend, I did a day’s photography course (more on that another day) and my sisters flew off to climb Everest.

march 1

1. sleepyhead,
2. On Bournemouth Beach,
3. Fish watching,
4. In the park,
5. The Eye,
6. Clock,
7. the beginnings of chocolate cake,
8. Seren and Betsy at a family party,
9. Snowdrop,
10. Betsy and Stouffer,
11. Tiles,
12. Finishing nursery for the day,
13. ian,
14. Buds,
15. Drawing,
16. Dinner with Granddad and Nanny

march 2

1. berries,
2. bus ride home,
3. last night in the garden,
4. Off to climb Everest!,
5. last view of the old house,
6. box city,
7. Britannia Walk,
8. new home,
9. Enjoying the new living room window,
10. Trent Park,
11. I have a new radio, it’s amazing,
12. crafting,
13. naptime,
14. Watching Dr Who,
15. easter eggs

So March was an awful lot of snaps from the phone as my proper camera sits in a box, while April will be much of the same (is much the same, we’re halfway through already) as we settle and work on the house and whinge at the appalling weather we’ve been having. Come on spring!

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