Well, ah, this is embarrassing, isn’t it? A post about Project 365 and I don’t actually have 31 photos for each day of May. I’ve thrown the towel in. The whole idea of P365 was to improve my photography skillz (yes, that is skills spelt with a z, I am totes down with the kids) and I found myself enjoying the whole thing less and less and I was mostly taking slightly blurry shots from the camera phone, which wasn’t really the point of the project.

fallen blossom

It’s actually taken quite a bit for me to admit this, especially as this project is a wonderful way to see Betsy grow up, but having read the wonderful You Are My Wild for a bit now, I realised that that was much more up my street in terms of how I want to present photos. Does that make any sense? I’m not sure. I’ve done an awful lot of hand wringing for something that’s really quite trivial and it’s not like I’m giving up on photography for ever! What I’ll be doing in future is a monthly showcase (dump?) of snapshots.


Anyway, shall we get on with it? Earlier in May we popped down to my folks with a few friends to do a photo day. I must write-up more of that day soon.

On Hurst Spit



One big chicken
Betsy and a giant chicken

Hawksmoor restaurant
Hawksmoor Restaurant. Cannot recommend this place enough. Amazing food, amazing cocktails, really super service. Dave and I went out on our own for my birthday while Betsy was looked after my folks. We ate (a lot), drank (a bit) and laughed a hella lot while watching The Book of Mormon.

At Coram Fields
A paddle in the pool at Coram’s Fields. Love this place so much, we must go again soon. Sian from Little Star & Me did a lovely write-up of the trip here.

PicMonkey Collage
Attending the grand opening of the Vintage Emporium just up the road in Crews Hill. It’s not a bad place at all, there are some good things for sale and a decent selection of reproduction clothing which is rather exciting.

Baby Dubber
Meeting little Finlay for the first time.

cow parsley
Love all the cow parsley that’s around at this time of year.

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