Mucky eater
012/365 I am loving weaning Arthur, but ye gods it’s messy work!

013/365 Very odd weather this day. Left the house in bright sunshine and then had to run for cover to hide from the hail, thunder and lighting. Anyone would think it’s winter or something…

014/365 Crafting. My niece’s mobile is getting there…

Betsy reads Betsy
015/365 Betsy discovers a book in which she shares the protagonist’s name at the library. Funnily enough, she likes them!

016/365 Heh. Starting off a Jerusalem artichoke and lentil casserole with a mind to blog about it, but the end result looked like a grey sludge, so I won’t be sharing that. Tasted much better than it looked though.

017/365 SNOW! We got a millimetre of snow and I couldn’t have been more excited.

018/365 Some fungi.

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