Westminster Abbey
019/365 Popped into work for a training day and snapped this detail of Westminster Abbey on the way back to the Tube. It felt good to be back in town again, I miss being surrounded by all this amazing architecture (not that I notice it when I am at work, being stuck in a basement in a nondescript building along Millbank).

Ice on the boating lake
020/365 A very frozen boating lake at Enfield Town Park

Cat on the Underground
021/365 Ian on the Underground. Ian loves to sit in the children’s Tube tent and tunnel, but if discovered, he’ll run off embarrassed to be found, the weirdo.

Quincy and Betsy
022/365 Betsy and her friend Quincy with Boo practising her big fake laugh.

Penguin watching
023/365 Watching the penguins at London Zoo. One of those days that are a joy for every single second of it.

Sharing mini Cheddars
024/365 Betsy sharing her Mini Cheddars with Arthur. One of those sweet, special moments where I wasn’t noticed and I just sat and watched these two chatter and make each other laugh.

Early evening light
025/365 Betsy and I went for a walk around the block this evening and it is SO good to see that it it’s no longer totally dark at half four. Spring is coming!

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