Chasing pigeons
026/365 Chasing pigeons.

027/365 So I seem to have broken one of my rules already and used a snap I Instagrammed already. Eh, no biggie, it was the highlight of the day. Dave was working a late shift that day so we headed down to a great cafe in Palmers Green for breakfast after dropping Betsy off at nursery. We chatted, actually had some proper conversations for the first time in ages as Dave’s been doing an awful lot of overtime at the moment while Arthur slept next to us. Good times.

Detail of a dress
028/365 Detail of a dress. This dress! Betsy opened up her money box on the Sunday, took out 28p and a 100 Icelandic Kroner and declared that she wanted to buy a “beautiful dress”. We took her to H&M that afternoon and she chose this. It’s a pretty good choice! She wanted something that she could spin in and was sparkly. And she’s tried to wear it every day since.

Edmonton gas holder
029/365 One of the things I like about travelling to Ikea is driving up close to this gas holder. I know a lot of people don’t like them, but I find there’s a certain beauty to these things and I’ve always gazed up and admired them in the urban landscape and now this one is being dismantled. I’ll miss it, a bit.

Acorn squash
030/365 Acorn squash. I got a crazy cheap deal on some Able and Cole veg boxes and I got my first delivery today which included this squash. Now what shall I do with it?

sofa day
031/365 Sofa day. Betsy got a virus that left her vomiting for a bit so we’ve been watching plenty of Charlie and Lola and the Lego Movie while she recovers. And now Arthur has the bug! What a weekend…

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  1. Squash is lovely in soup, with red lentils, stock, maybe a sweet potato or just potato, carrots, whatever orangey-white veggies you have, blitz once cooked and add a dollop of yogurt or soured cream. Or cube, roast with olive oil and herbs and add to pasta. There are all sorts of dishes you can make, Even baking muffins.
    Love Betsy’s choice of dress! Hope she’s better soon.

  2. Roast your squash then add it to green chillis, onion, carrots, stock and coconut milk to make a yummy soup with a kick! Love the dress, a 28p bargain hey?!

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