Over the course of 2012, I have managed to take a photo for every day of the year. This is quite a feat for me as this is the third attempt to complete the project. It’s been challenging at times, especially on the days where not an awful lot has happened or there has been a particularly bad day but it’s been a wonderful way to watch Betsy grow and I think my photo taking skills have improved, a bit. But on the whole I have enjoyed it a huge amount (and if I’m honest when you have a camera phone and a cute baby, taking a photo a day can be easy as pie) and I’m going to attempt it again this year.  Here’s a photo from each month from 2012. If you’d like to have a look at all 366 photos you can here.


A walk around Enfield Town Park in January


London Eye at night

A trip on the london Eye to celebrate my Dad’s birthday


A monkey and a chimp and Dave

A mother’s day trip to Whipsnade Zoo


Where we're staying

Our holiday home in Dartmouth


The remote isn't very good

Failing to take a family portrait with a cheap remote



My sister’s amazing wedding


torch bearer

Watching the Olympic torch relay in Winchmore Hill


Photo Day

A day of taking photos with friends in lavender fields



A ride on the Real Ale Train on the Watercress line


Happy 12 months, Betsy!

Happy birthday, Betsy!


bird watching

Watching the geese


star gazer

First Christmas party


  1. Hello, it’s nice to see you blogging again. Well done on taking a photo a day last year, and good luck on doing it again this year.
    I’ve added you to my lawn loungers list of blog friends over on Flighty’s plot, and thanks for stopping by there the other day and commenting. xx

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