This is the fourth day of Radvent. Here’s Princess Lasertron’s Radvent post

Many moons ago, when I first moved to London, my dad would write to me every week without fail. He’d listen to the Bob Harris show on Radio 2 on a Saturday night, sit at the tiny table in the kitchen with a beer and write a letter to me, full of news of what was happening down south, puns and the odd sketch. Come Tuesday after work, I’d eagerly check the doormat for my letter. He doesn’t write them any more, but I have kept a great deal of those letters in a Batman lunchbox, tucked away in the garage. I miss them though. I liked to make a cup of tea and sit on the sofa and read the letters.

I am appalling at writing notes, be they letters, emails or Tweets. I hope to get better soon. When we move house, I am going to have a desk with a space for my laptop and pens and some nice notelets to send. Maybe these:

This post has made me realise that I still haven’t sent out the thank you notes from Betsy for her birthday presents. I must do that, I feel ashamed that I haven’t done that yet. I think that’s going to be my job for tonight.

Finally, a little thank you note. Thank you Canan for making my job tolerable.  It’s great working with you and you brighten my day and our dreary office. Thank you!



  1. Ahhh! Thank you darling…..lovely to be in the office when your around too….though now they are so few and far between. x

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