Salmon? Courgette? Salad? Wait! Come back! I know it doesn’t sound the most inspiring of dishes, but trust me. The flavours in this are better than my ability to produce vitalizing sounding subject titles. Just look at it:


Oh all right, it lacks a visual punch like this carrot and chickpea salad over on 101 Cookbooks and it flavour is subtle rather than big, but it’s full of texture, freshness and yes, it’s very healthy. It’s a fantastic way to welcome in this lovely mild, sunny weather that we’ve been getting recently. I found some courgettes going cheap in my local shop and inspired by a recipe in the Smitten Kitchen cookbook (it’s a really lovely book, highly recommend it) I decided to make this. The bulgar wheat and salmon makes it filling and this is a perfect mid week supper that you can pull together in a matter of minutes. It keeps well too, so make some extra and have some for your lunch the next day!

No quantities here, use as much or as little as you want of each ingredient, it’s all down to personal taste, innit. You need:

  • cooked salmon, separated into flakes
  • Cooked broccoli, sliced (you can have that raw too if you like)
  • cooked bulgar wheat
  • flat leaf parsley
  • courgette peeled with a vegetable peeler


Mix it all up in a bowl and add a simple dressing of lemon juice and olive oil. Super. Super supper.

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