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23 September, 2016 2 Comments

Hello, hello. There’s been a bit of a hiatus here recently and while someone starting school (*sob*) might have something to do with it, going self hosted and then waiting an age for my domain to transfer is the main reason. What does going self hosted mean to you, the reader? Well, it means that hopefully this site looks nicer and there’s a new newsletter to sign up to if you want to receive updates about the blog – just pop in your email on the right hand side, you won’t get to much in your inbox, I’ll only write around every fortnight or so.

Oh, the website isn’t perfect yet, I know. There are photos missing on some posts that I need to sort out and there’s probably quite a few more things too, let me know if you see anything and I’ll try and sort it out.

Anyway, there are lots of lovely things coming up – autumnal recipes, catch up with the kiddos (and an update about school) and a few days out that we’ve had recently. All good!


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    24 September, 2016

    Goodness school already.
    I don’t see a ‘like’ button on this new look website. xx
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      25 September, 2016

      I know! It’s come around fast! No, no like button here, I’m not sure if there’s a plug in for it. There’s always Facebook to like things!


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