Blimey, the end of another year. It’s been a funny old one hasn’t it? So much sad stuff happening in the world, so many favourite musicians and actors passed away. Still, despite that, we as a family have done okay this year. Dave started a new job in January and has been doing really well there, I have kept the same job but have moved to a much nicer office and have started to work with new people who I bloody love. Those guys are awesome. Betsy has started school and is really, really loving it and Arthur is still our happy little chap who’s speech has come in leaps and bounds. It has been SO NICE to look back at what we have been doing on this blog and if it wasn’t for this site I would have forgotten over half of it. Reason to blog #1. Anyway, blog and life hightlights of 2016 are:


  • We started off the year with our mostly traditional new year’s day walk in Trent Park with Arthur leading the way and all of us getting wet.
  • A super trip (and very cold, but very lucky) to London Zoo.
  • Visiting Winter Lights at Canary Warf. (which is on again this year so we will be going again, hooray!)


Not much blogging this month! But I did get to meet my new nephew Levon, we had a trip to the South Bank and I finally published my favourite songs from 2015 (2016 music coming up soon).


  • I wrote a list of things to do in the spring (a winter one coming soon, I think)
  • We were invited to a screening of Zootopia, which is a good film and we had a lovely morning out.
  • Arthur had his first ever haircut and I took some cracking photos of the penguins at London Zoo (hard not to take a bad photo there though)
  • But the big thing, and the hardest and the saddest, was the loss of our cat Ian. I still miss him all the time.


We got a new cat! Probably a bit too soon after Ian, but this cat needed a good home and the house missed having a cat around, so we welcomed Marvin in! He’s a cool cat, very chilled out around the kids and a sweetie. He’s utterly beautiful too, but hard to take a photo of him because he tries to headbutt the camera every time.


  • We saw the new lion enclosure at London Zoo. It’s brilliant! Go!
  • This was also the month I took part in Ali Edwards’ Week in the Life. I love this project so much, it’s good to look back at a normal week in such detail.


This was the month I went to Blogtacular for the second time. It’s something I’ve never really wrote about afterwards, probably because it is so good and so full of amazing things I leave finding myself slightly overwhelmed by it all. Can’t wait to go again in ’17.



  • We went to a BBQ in London Fields with our friend Joe
  • And we travelled down to Glastonbury for a glorious weekend visiting friends. We had a fantastic walk up the Tor and explored the colourful town. I like it there. Hopefully Betsy and I will be visiting there again in the new year.
  • Oh, and we went to the Cbeebies Prom and it was bloody ace!
  • Plus Boo and I took a trip to Margate which was just flipping wonderful. Must do that again.


Living Arrows

  • This is the month where this blog became self-hosted (a big deal for me, and I’m still trying to tweek it) but the thing that eclipses everything is Betsy starting school. We are STILL trying to get used to the routine and I’m not sure if I ever will.
  • We visited Monski Mouse’s baby disco again (I don’t think I could do a summer without it now!)




Pine syrup - a really quick and easy last minute gift

Phew! And there we have it. Thank you all so, so much for visit and reading this tiny corner of the internet, it really is appreciated. Happy new year everyone!



  1. Wow busy, busy! I’m sorry to hear about Ian but I hope that Marvin is settled in now. I LOVE the photograph of the Lavender fields! And I’m very jealous that you went to the CBeebies Prom – that sounds amazing! Happy New Year and I hope 2017 is good for you #MarvMondays
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