What an interesting year we’ve had! Lots has happened, I have been mostly watching the news behind hands – it’s been rather crazy, hasn’t it? We have been ticking along here. No big changes, but lots of exploring London, getting into a school groove (I still hate the school run, but have made some lovely mum friends) and we managed a bloody holiday this year too – the first in six years! It’s been a quiet year for blogging, I have mostly felt uninspired and uncreative and have mostly hung out on Instagram. I am hoping to change that in the new year.


January on the blog was full of Living Arrows and Little Loves (something I must get back into)

We started the year with the sad news that our lovely cat Marvin had died after being hit by a car. I’m still upset about this. He was only two and was supposed to grow up with the kiddos. I don’t know if we’ll get another.

Visiting the Emirates Air Line
We had a ride on the Airline, the cable car that runs over the Thames. It’s good fun!

And I marched with friends at the Women’s March and felt the world was getting better.


A quiet month for photography. We had our first visit of the year to Myddleton House Gardens where it very gently snowed and we looked for hellebores and snowdrops.


We visited the RAF museum which was fascinating, and I never blogged about it, which I think just means we have to go again (which I think the kids would be pleased about)

A lovely day at Forty Hall farm for their lambing weekend.

And we had a ton of fun exploring the conservatory at the Barbican Centre.


April was busy! I took part in Week In The Life again, one of my most favourite creative projects, and we visited the zoo, Myddleton House again and hosted a Fun Club.

Oh and a general election was called and was apparently was warm enough for the paddling pool!


Arthur and I had birthdays (and I wrote a big wish list of things I want to achieve before I hit 40), we danced the afternoon away with Monski Mouse and saw Sarah and Duck live (which was amazing)

Sarah and Duck at the Polka Theatre


Arthur started nursery, I saw Aphex Twin at Field Day.


The kiddos and I went along to a colour walk and made friends and had the best time, had our annual trip to the lavender fields and went to the beach.


HOLIDAY! HOLIDAY! So much good stuff this month. Visiting Jersey for work, holiday along the Kent coast, dancing in Dalston, a day in Dreamland (Betsy says this is her favourite memory from the year), a trip to Dorset, Camille Walala exhbit.


Back to school, visiting my sister’s new home and seeing a red kite, checking out the London Design Festival.


A late in the season trip to the pick your own farm, visiting Kew Gardens and Halloween.


We took it very easy this year. Walks in the park and watching fireworks.


Festive AF. Not as busy as some years, but it was fun and the kiddos loved it.

Happy new year everyone, hope your 2017 wasn’t too bad and 2018 is even better.


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