Macro Shots from Myddelton House-3

Okay, so these aren’t all strictly macro shots, but I had such fun using my Sigma 70-300mm lens on our recent trip to Hitchin Lavender, that I had to use it again. I worked from home the other week and decided to spend my lunch hour over at Myddelton House Gardens. With the children in childcare, I popped up there on my own, had an ice cream looking over the lake and snapped away without feeling guilty or having to keep an eye on little people. It was glorious.

Macro Shots from Myddelton House-14

Macro Shots from Myddelton House-21

Macro Shots from Myddelton House-13

It’s not a true macro lens. I got the lens on offer when I first bought my camera and there’s a little switch you can flick when the zoom is fully extended. For a lens, it’s super cheap, and I recommend investing in one, it’s a fun thing to use.

Macro Shots from Myddelton House-2

Also in photography news: I bought Adobe Lightroom this month. I’ve been umming and ahhing about whether to get this or not for a while, but I finally got fed up of processing all my RAW files in Photoshop. Oh, Lightroom is so lovely! It’s everything I use in Photoshop plus Bridge which is Adobe’s old library and as everything is in one place post-processing is quicker and it can batch download files directly from my camera so I get to avoid the clunky and ugly Canon software too.

Macro Shots from Myddelton House-20

Macro Shots from Myddelton House-7

One of the other bonuses of Lightroom is the use of presets. I have for a long time been a fan of VSCO Cam, which for me is the best photography app you can get for your phone, so I’ve always been itching to use their film presets for Lightroom. The usual bundles are prohibitively expensive for me, but luckily there is a free taster pack featuring a couple of their most popular films and I’ve had a good old play, giving my photos an analogue look. I’m not sure if I’ll give every photo I take the VSCO treatment, but I do love playing with it and it’s really interesting what effects you can come up with.

Macro Shots from Myddelton House-9

Macro Shots from Myddelton House-8

I know they’re common as anything these days and bloody loud, but I still get a thrill spotting parakeets. They’re so exotic!

Macro Shots from Myddelton House-6

Macro Shots from Myddelton House-11

Macro Shots from Myddelton House-5

Macro Shots from Myddelton House-10

Macro Shots from Myddelton House-19

Macro Shots from Myddelton House-18

Macro Shots from Myddelton House-17

Macro Shots from Myddelton House-16

I think I need to work from home more often…

Macro Shots from Myddelton House-15



  1. Gorgeous shot m’lovely – I keep umming and ahhing over getting a macro lens for mine, it’s a big investment but soooo tempting!
    I do love lightroom, good to read that you are getting on well with it, I don’t think I couldbe without it now! Same goes for VSCO.
    Your photos are super, I love the light and shadows, some real eye candy here 🙂
    So sorry not to have commented sooner but I went away last Friday and have only just got back x

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