I’m well strapped for cash these days and I’ve not been able to afford any maternity clothes this time round, but out of the blue like some kind of amazing fairy godmother, the lovely people at New Look asked if I’d like some of their maternity clothes as a mother’s day present. Having worn their maternity jeans for the entire time I was pregnant with Betsy (and for quite a bit after she was born too – loved those jeans), I’d be a fool to say no and chose a couple of dresses for myself. I didn’t realise just how big the maternity wear range is, it’s huge! The website is absolutely worth a look if you are expecting. I chose a couple of dresses that I’d be able to breastfeed in after the baby is born so there’s extra value for money – the Mamalicious Black Jersey Nursing Wrap Dress (on sale at £14, currently sold out) and the Heavenly Bump Navy Swallow Print Tea Dress (£35.99).

New Look maternity wear - bakingbetsy.com

The seam for the waistband on this dress isn’t quite right (although I wonder how much I’d notice that if I hadn’t been watching The Great British Sewing Bee), but it’s super comfortable and I’ve worn it to work loads these past few weeks and I can see it being the go-to dress to pop on when relatives or friends visit when Amazertron finally arrives.

New Look Maternity wear - bakingbetsy.com

I love this dress, so, so much. It’s a lovely fit, there are ties around the midriff so you can look like you still have a bit of a waist, the sleeves are super flattering, it’s knee-length and has a vintage-y look that I adore. (The pedant in me needs to point out though that the birds featured in the fabric pattern are not swallows, but hummingbirds) It really is the perfect dress for me. I think I’ll be wearing this for most of the summer.

I was sent these dresses by New Look, but all views are my own

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