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Gosh, what a busy month again (I suspect though that what with having a child and all, I’m not really going to have an unbusy time, am I?). We have been out and about a lot and I even managed a few child-free trips into London too which pleases me no end. But we had a lovely family dance at the beginning of August when we popped over to Monski Mouse’s Baby Disco for the second time. We love it there. 
Monski Mouse Baby Disco
I had a photo day with a couple of friends at Columbia Road market. I have wanted to visit this market for years and I am so glad that I finally got to do it. The market itself is fab, some of the bargains are unbelievable, the atmosphere buzzing, brilliant shops and it’s all very photogenic. More pictures soon (once I get round to processing the films).
Columbia Road Flower Market
The highlight of the month was of course a week spent down south with my folks. We did a lot, and it usually involved water.
Had a paddle at Bournemouth even though it was a bit drizzly and windy, but you know, we’re British and will try to have a good time whether we like it or not (we had a GREAT time).
Waving goodbye to the train that took us home from the brilliant day out in Wey-hay-mouth, as my sisters call it:
Bye Bye train
We discovered a fantastic splash park in Christchurch, and of course we forgot all our swimming gear, but no matter.
Christchurch was also a little distance away from the all the swans along the quay, which was good, because they’re over-fed, greedy, aggressive buggers.
But Betsy loved them

The next day I popped over to Hamble where my sister Becky lives and took the delightful pink ferry to Warsash for a slap-up lunch in the local pub.
Hamble Warsash Ferry
Beck revealed this month that she’s preggo! She’s due in Feb. Well done that girl.

Lovely finish to the month in which I had a very nice lunch at Roux at Parliament Square followed by drinks next to the Thames with a lovely sunset:

There’s a few things happening this month, mostly a busy couple of weeks at work, a holiday (hooray!) and if I can find a few more pound coins down the back of the sofa, a brand new camera lens too. Nice. All of this will probably be done with deep breaths of air and exclamations of “gosh! Isn’t it AUTUMNAL?!” and tutting at the christmas decorations popping up in shops already.

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