Spring Wishlist

Well thank goodness it is now spring! I am finding that I enjoy winter more and more as I get older, but February was tough, man. Lots of illnesses, stresses at work, a poorly kitty and on and on it goes. Needless to say I am very pleased it’s March and the beginning of spring! It really does feel like the beginning of something new at this time of year, doesn’t it? There have been signs of spring forever now, but the air is smelling different these days and it’s getting so much lighter in the evenings too. I bloody love it.

I had meant to do a winter wish list, to go along with the ones from summer and autumn last year, but what with Christmas and new year’s resolutions, I figured we all had enough on our plate! Maybe next time, eh? Meanwhile, here’s a little list of things I want to do this spring, maybe you can join in too!

Look for blossom and identify the trees
. There is nothing lovelier than spotting blossom outside. Every park have yes that blossom, I feel the need to visit Regents Park and they have a fine show off cherry blossom. The Woodland Trust have a chart you can download to identify blossoming trees which would be good fun to do with the kiddos.

Make floral crowns. Floral crowns have kind of been around for a while now, but they look like good fun to make with Betsy, are a chance to celebrate all the new greenery around and so much nicer than Easter bonnets!

Celebrate Ostara, Beltane and Easter. So many spring festivals! Love it. Ostara is the pagan festival that preceded Easter and is now celebrated on the spring equinox (equal amounts of day and night, hooray!), and Beltane is celebrated at the beginning of May. All these days, regardless of religion are opportunities to tune in a bit more to what is happening around us, to see what nature is up to. Oh, and to eat your own weight in hot cross buns and chocolate too.

Picnic. It’s getting warmer! Be outside and enjoy it and maybe explore somewhere new! But bring a flask of something warm just in case it gets a bit nippy.

Fill the house with daffs and tulips. It’s time to take down all the sticks and twigs I have around the house for winter decorations (they look nicer than they sound) and replace them with spring flowers. I think a little trip to Columbia Road market is in order this month.

Make a wreath
. Why should Christmas get all the good decorations? I think I may make a spring themed wreath, full of fresh greens, to welcome any guests we get.

Visit some bluebell woods. I haven’t done this in years. I don’t think there are many near us in Enfield (please correct me if I’m wrong, I know there are patches of bluebells around, but there’s something about seeing swathes of blue as far as the eye can see), but there are plenty in Essex for us to visit.

Get foraging. My WI had the most inspiring speaker list year and she talked about all the things she forages. Spring is great for foraging as there’s so much to pick, including elderflower, which I am dying to make some cordial (and Champagne!) from. I recently picked up Alice Fower’s Thrifty Forager for a bargain and it’s really worth a look. Good advice, clear help with identifying plants and recipes too, deffo worth a look.

Bake. This Easter bread looks amazing!

Spring clean. Less fun, but pretty essential. We are so cluttered and the house needs a jolly good clean. UGH. I hate housework. But I do want to start decorating at some point this year and somebody is going to be getting bunk beds soon (not me, alas) so a big clean up is very much needed. Oh, and it means I can then buy nicer things for the house afterwards, right?

Get a haircut. I need a spring clean on my face! I have not had a haircut for almost two years and ye gods I need it.

Get out in the garden and plant! So much to do in the garden! Seeds to sow, veggies to plant.

Look out for ducklings. There is a lovely river near us (the New River) which contains quite a few ducks and every year we look forward to seeing the coots make their nests and lay their eggs. Don’t feed the ducks though, it’s not very good for them or the local ecosystem (but if you do then feed them peas or oats or bird seed).

Have a super spring!


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  1. What a fab list! I love the idea of making floral crowns and spring wreaths and am feeling totally inspired to try and give these a go over Easter (if i’m organised enough!). You have so many great little activities and things to do, it sounds like you’ll have an absolutely lovely Spring 🙂 Fab post, thanks for sharing it on #MarvMondays. Emily
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