It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything about food here, I blame the move and laziness (mostly laziness). But I have been doing a spot of baking and cooking here and there and I wanted to show you some muffins I made. The recipe is from The Pioneer Woman‘s mum and they are absolutely gorgeous. They make for a great quick breakfast and sit very well with a big mug of tea. The amazing thing about them is there is no butter or oil in them and not a huge amount of sugar either so they’re actually quite good for you! Especially as there’s banana, apple, oats and flaxseed in there. I’ve not posted any photos of the cooking process as PW does it so much better than me, but here are a few pics:


There’s quite a few ingredients, but the process is basically mix all the dry ingredients together, mix wet ingredients together, mix dry and wet ingredients together and bake. I used a different flour combo (I could have sworn I had wholemeal flour, but I used rye instead) and the recipe calls for a pre-made apple sauce, but I just made a small batch from fresh myself.

little helper

My little helper. She was fascinated by the cooking process and she liked to dip her finger in all the measuring cups of ingredients and feel the different textures. I’d advise not getting children too close to the treacle though, that stuff gets everywhere! She also loved eating these afterwards too and I think they make for a great children’s snack.

The full recipe is here and I can’t recommend it enough (quick note for Brits: molasses = black treacle in the recipe), I think there’s going to be a steady supply of them handy in the freezer from now on..


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