So after a quiet few days, gently introducing Betsy to the idea of the Christmas elves we start ramping things up a bit. I’ve had to start this whole advent thing gently, not only for Betsy’s benefit, but mine too. It’s very, very easy for me to get carried away in the first few days of a project and then be totally burnt out and sick of the whole thing before hitting the halfway mark. But I’ve been having fun with these elves and I think Betsy is too, she’s slowly moving on from walking downstairs and immediately looking for chocolate to finding the elves first, which is nice. I don’t know if she’s been caught up in any magic though (the first day the elves arrived I asked her where she thought they had come from and replied “you, Mama?”), but she is enjoying having them around.

6th December.
Advent day 6

We put some food out for the birds today. So far, as of writing, we have spotted one robin and 3,409 squirrels.

7th December.

Advent day 7

A quiet day of reading and relaxing after quite a manic day the day before (as well as feeding the birds we had swimming and soft play, I was knackered…). This one didn’t quite go to plan as we ended up doing an impromptu day out, but the Christmas books are out and we do read them fairly regularly, so thanks, elves!

8th December.

Advent day 8

Today we made some Christmas cards! This went down a treat with Betsy. She’d been up only half an hour and managed to make two cards. Boo quite happily made lots of cards throughout the day, and was happiest when she was making the cards on her own without my input or help at all. It’s so good to see her create like this, and do it with such enthusiasm too, a rather good reminder that this is the kind of craft that could and should be done often when at home. This is the one she made for me:

Betsy's card

9th December.

Advent day 9

Free hugs for all! I think Betsy’s a bit like me and not the most physical of people, but I think she did give Caspar an extra big hug when at nursery.


10th December.

The elves had a day off today. A teething and unsettled Arthur meant that I didn’t manage to prepare anything the night before. Ooops.

11th December.

Advent day 11

More crafty things today, hooray! We are so bad at saying thank you for things here. Betsy’s birthday was in October! We’ll pop the notes into Christmas cards. Better late than never, right? SUPER SPARKLY FUN TIMES by the way was a trip to a couple of garden centres who go all out on their Christmas display.

sparkly fun times
sparkly fun times

More advent days soon!

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