I’ve realised that if I write everything I did with my fruit all in one post you’d be here forever, so this is the first in a couple (a few? I’m not sure yet) of posts of my fruit preserving adventures. Lucky you!

I was rather overenthusiastic with the soft fruit at the pick your own farm the other day. I picked a lot of strawberries and raspberries, which is weird as I’m not amazingly keen on eating these fruits fresh, but I do like a bit of jam. The redcurrants were a total impulse pick, the jewel-like berries peeking though the foliage were irresistible.


I’d also fancied having a go at making a jelly too. They’ve always seemed a bit difficult to make, but this redcurrant jelly is super simple.

You need:

  • 900g Redcurrants
  • Around 900g sugar

Two ingredients. Nice. It takes two days to make though. Firstly the currants are boiled in 600ml of water until the fruit is soft and then everything is given a good mash. Put the pulp into a jelly bag or some muslin and leave the liquid to drain overnight into a clean bowl.

PicMonkey Collage

By the next day you should have something like this:

redcurrant juice

The recipe I used (from The Preserving Book) said I should have around 900ml of liquid, but as you can see, I only got 400. Had I used one of those stands for hanging cheese in and given the bag a good squeeze, I would have had much more juice, but as it turns out, 400ml of juice is just the right amount for one jar of jelly. Pour the juice into a pan with your sugar (I used about 350g in the end, the ratio for sugar is 450g sugar to 600ml liquid – my maths isn’t the strongest) and boil until setting point (Delia, gawd bless her, explains everything here). The result is a beautiful clear jelly. I’m looking forward to roasting a shoulder of lamb soon to try it out!


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