A while back, the brilliant Lucy from Capture by Lucy had an idea. People from around the world connect with a complete stranger and send them a gift. A simple gift, one that costs no more than a fiver, but has as much thought in there as possible. How lovely is that? An act of kindness in a world that can all too easily be seen as cold and uncaring, to share something at the beginning of spring. Lucy paired me up with Emma, who lives in Canberra in Australia. I was thrilled with this choice as spent a very happy month in Oz seven years ago, although only a couple of days in Canberra sadly. It seemed like a great city though, I’d love to visit again. For her box, I made some fabric flowers and some magnets using some old cigarette cards and a felt flower necklace. Like a fool, I failed to take any photos, but Emma Instagrammed it.

I only saw Emma’s Instagram feed after I made my box. I wish I had spotted it sooner as I got a million more (better) ideas of what to send her. I actually thought of two amazing things to send her as I left the Post Office after posting her parcel. Annoying. Maybe I should send her a sneaky summer parcel too?

Below is what Emma sent me. The shell was collected by her mother when they lived in Papua New Guinea, which I’m very touched by.

Springtime Surprise Project

How lovely is that collection?

Many thanks to Lucy for organising such a fantastic thing. There’s going to be a Summertime Surprise Project. Who’s going to join me for that?


The project got me thinking too. Well that and a Betsy who broke down in tears the other day because the postman brought Dave a parcel to the door and nothing for her. “But why is there no post for me, Mama?” she asked. And why couldn’t she get something in the post? Something that isn’t related to her birthday, or Christmas or a random bit of junk mail that we’ve allowed her to open? Something nice and well thought out and sent to her by someone her own age? Something like the Springtime Surprise Project, but for children? I know there are a few monthly boxes you can order (like the Rainy Day box or Toucan box), but is there an exchange style project out there? I’d be really interested to know if there is such a thing around already. And if there isn’t one out there, would people be interested in doing it?


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