Another work day, a quiet work day at that too. No running into ministers or policemen this time though.

Week in the Life Thursday

All the blossom is falling from the leaves *sad face*


You know, it’s weird enough taking a self portrait of yourself on your own, but to do it with work colleagues who have never heard of WITL before is really weird. And awkward for me. Thanks for indulging me, Sue.



Homemade lunch, a butter bean, kale and tomato thing that was a lot tastier thank it looks! A birthday card from my new colleagues. Love those guys.

Random lift selfie:

Week in the Life Thursday


Committee room window. By the time I leave for home, the Commons and Lords have prorogued for next week’s State Opening and the place is empty. It’s a very different atmosphere during recess than when the Houses are sitting. Quiet and still; a very different contrast to the bustle of London outside.


Pick up super cheap pickle. 45p! #WIN


Ah, this guy. He is well and truly settled now. He pegged it out of the house as we were leaving this morning and this was the first time he had done that. I was worried that he wouldn’t be able to work out the cat flap and would be wondering the streets of Enfield until we get home, but I found him curled up on my bed (and found a tuft of fur in the cat flap door, so him working out the flap was 98% successful.)


Kids home. They play a game, and by game, I mean Betsy jumps on top of Arthur and he finds it hilarious.





A potter in the garden. Kids water while I admire the forget-me-nots. I think that rhubarb could do with a harvest! Also thrilled (and surprised) to find my new clementis in flower.


Our little blackboard, that normally serves as the best place for a shopping list. Yesterday for dinner I cooked salmon completely forgetting that Betsy had requested “cheesy pasta”. I wrote on the board a reminder that I had to cook it today (or else). I make a pretty good mac ‘n cheese, if I say so myself. Just look at it!


Betsy had seconds and Arthur ate everything on his plate. These things never happen!

Just before bed, we sometimes play a game. It has yet to have a name, but someone plays a dinosaur while everyone else hides in bed. The dinosaurs can’t move while you see them, but have a way of sneaking up on you and tickling!


Oh no, it’s the Betsysaurus and the Dadasaurus! Quick, hide!




I wonder if we hid, they’d go away?



Once we’ve been got, it’s somebody’s else’s turn.



  1. Oh Charlotte I love these posts of yours! This one has been my favourite so far. Mac n’ cheese looks delicious! Is there a recipe? The dinosaur game sounds like fun 😉

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