count me in - WITL 2016

So starting Monday, we have the return of Week In The Life. Week in the Life is a journalling project from Ali Edwards that happens every year and I’m really pleased to be taking part for the second time tomorrow; last year was a blast and even now looking back on my completed album of that week in August is so interesting to see. The little things that were once in our routine, the clothes that are now too small to wear, the pets that are no longer here – all things that wouldn’t necessary be recorded in my normal day-to-day photo taking and blogging get documented this week.

This week I’ll just be documenting my days and posting on here every evening/morning. I did this last year and it worked so well. It helped me to get photos edited and the text was just cut and pasted into my album. Creating the album is a mammoth, almost overwhelming task so anything I can do to make it easier is a bonus! I’m not sure when I’ll get my album made, hopefully by the end of May (the quicker I get it done, the better. I can lose a lot of enthusiasm over time!)

Last year I noticed I managed to take a million photos on the first couple of days, but that waned as the week went on, Sunday I really struggled to get enough photos for the day, plus this year at work I am in a different office to last year with colleagues sitting next to me and I suspect they won’t want a camera around! So here’s a list of photography prompts for this week for when things are needing a bit of inspiration:

  • Individual portraits of the family
  • In the fridge
  • The children’s clothes
  • A walk around my work
  • The commute
  • In the garden (it’s looking lovely at the moment!)
  • Self portrait
  • After the children have gone to bed (last year I blogged about the day and didn’t capture that)
  • The food eaten
  • Around the house
  • Music listened to
  • Gratitude list
  • The weather

I also want to include more of the feelings alongside the facts of the day. This year’s folder is much wider than last year’s so there’s plenty of room for some memorabilia, the leaflets, the receipts, the pieces of artwork from the kiddos. Speaking of the album, this kit is so lovely, the colours bright and the embellishments fun. Cannot wait to get my teeth into this project!

Week in the life kit

Will you be joining me? There’s a fab Facebook group with a wonderful community and even if you don’t produce an album at the end of it, even if you don’t blog and you just have a little notebook full of scribblings, it is a project so worth doing I cannot recommended it enough. See you Monday 🙂

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  1. Awesome! I documented my week early, since we are away on vacation this week (and I wanted a normal week at home documented), but I am so looking forward to following along with everyone else this week! Last year was my first year doing WITL and it has become my favourite memory-keeping project!

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