I really didn’t want to write today’s entry. It wasn’t the best of times. I very much wanted to be mindful of every photo and think of the things I am grateful for but emotions and stress made me over-think and doubt myself and put my brain in overdrive and not think of this project at all. The day ended in one big PMS mess. I’m not very happy with myself. But before I touch on that, here’s the rest of the day and while I wasn’t thinking about it at the time, I’m going to try and add some gratitude in there too to try and shake this wonky day up a bit:

We have a visitor. Ghost Cat pops in really early this morning and dozes next to me for a little bit, but moves to the other bedroom as soon as he hears Betsy wake. He likes her and he allows Betsy to wake up in a good mood. She’s doesn’t always have the sunniest disposition in the mornings, that girl. But I’m grateful for that cat so so many reasons. For the happiness he gives the kids. For the feeling that he hangs around with us because he really does like us. The way he goes up to all of us to say hello. The benefits of having a pet without actually owning one. But mostly for the healing he gave me after he started showing up a few months after Marvin, our cat, died. There is very much a big hole in me when there isn’t a cat around.

We’re late. We’re all late. Everyone is up late and Dave has to run for a train. I am angsty because there’s been roadworks near us and that’s been causing a lot of traffic problems. But we’re late and I need to risk taking the car. I have to shout to get people moving which I hate because going to school should be stress free and a nice experience. There is a lot of mum guilt today! Luckily it works out okay and we get to the school in plenty of time and we have time to park in our favourite spot and walk along the nice path with the stream and all the greenery. In the playground we arrange a play date with Boo for Monday which she’s really excited about. So very grateful for Boo’s friends – they’re a great bunch.

Another pang of guilt when I want to take Art on a train for the day, but can’t because we have things to do in Enfield. Arthur and I do get caught in the traffic on the way into town. It takes forever, but that’s okay because there’s good music on the radio and Arthur is being excellent company. I love how chatty he is these days and he has such a good sense of humour he manages to make me laugh out loud. What is important is that we are getting time together.

Once in town, we bump into my Book Club ladies. We have a quick chat but head off to do our separate things. Arthur and I have parcels to pick up from the sorting office and then we have a quick coffee, which is something he loves to do.

I love that he will put on my sunglasses purely because it makes me laugh. I don’t love his constant runny nose.

Back home, we chill out a bit, I write Thursday’s post and Arthur potters. Ghost Cat pops in again to say hello. He likes that we’re home during the week as his owners work.

The parcels I get are pieces for an outfit I need for Tuesday. Dave and I have an invite to a Buckingham Palace garden party and I could not be more excited, but deciding what to wear has been a nightmare. Dress code states that women need to wear a hat so it’s been hard to find something pretty, cheap and something that I would wear again. I think I’ve got it though:

After lunch, we manage to sneak in a little nap. I think these snuggles are my most favourite time of day and I am going to miss them so very much once September comes around.

I make sure we leave early enough for school pick up so we don’t have to rush. Arthur throws leaves into the steam (“I’m going to float my boat!”) and as he has his wellies on, even had a paddle.

It’s so gorgeous here.

We take it easy once we’re home. Drawing and stamping and dinner.

The kids had chicken, I had these pumpkin burgers which tasted nice, but that texture you get in meat substitutes I’m really not enjoying. Still, the quick pickled cucumbers were flipping lovely. Just the right amount of salty, sweet, sour and spicy. (would you like to know the recipe?)

And then the evening happened. It was bed time, there were demands to wait up for Dave who was out for the evening despite everyone being utterly knackered. There was shouting, there were tears, there was me just being horrible. Friday nights are the worst when you’re premenstrual. The three of us cuddled in the big bed where we stayed all night and hoped tomorrow would be a better day.

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