Another year, another week in the life. Once again, I’m joining in with Ali Edwards and her project that looks into detail at what we get up to during a week. I love this project. You can feel that life ticks over being the same all the time, but there are always changes, it’s good to record the now sometimes.

This week certainly isn’t a normal week for me. We’ve had a bank holiday and I have my birthday. Here’s a few regular things that won’t be recorded this Monday because of that:

  • Monday morning school run. Always a mad rush, always a million bags to carry. We walk on a Monday because Arthur and I get the bus into town so we can go to…
  • Playgroup. Arthur LOVES it here and asks to go most days. I started volunteering there at the start of the year, so it’s a shame that won’t be recorded (and the piles of washing up)
  • Gymnastics. Betsy’s favourite after school class not on because of the bank holiday. She’s rather disappointed, I’m rather relieved. I do like the bus and walk home with Arthur once we drop her off though.
  • Naps. There’s a good chance I won’t get a nap this week. Gah! And double gah!

You would think that having a bank holiday Monday would mean a lie-in, right? Wrong. I don’t know how my kids manage it, but they wake earlier when we don’t have to rush everywhere. Still, it means that I get to take in the light that comes into our bedroom, which I will never get bored of and I get nice cuddles too.

I wake up with a terrible headache and know it’s going to be a tough one to shake so take it easy and take much less photos that I normally would for a WITL Monday. Lemon and ginger water to have first. I make a sort of ratatouille to take with us on a walk while Dave makes himself and the kids sandwiches. I have been wanting to go on a walk to the bluebell woods all weekend, not thinking we’d make it on Monday, but last night we’d made a plan to get up and go as soon as we woke. That didn’t quite go to plan, but after a little bit of encouragement and jostling from all of us to all of us, we got there eventually.

Gobions Woods in Potters Bar is a magical place. This was the third year we’ve been to see the bluebells and the third year we’ve managed to get lost walking through the trees. Worth it though – there’s so much to discover away from the bluebells – streams and lakes, bridges and funny placings of steps. There are some parts, unsurprisingly where most of the bluebells are, that are really busy with people, but there are tranquil corners where we can pretend we’re in a RPG game – Dave is the mage, Arthur medic, Betsy scout/berserker depending on mood and I’m a rogue (because that means I get to hang at the back taking photos). For some reason this role playing *really* gets the kiddos interested in their surroundings. Dave too, I think.

Next to the car park is a little playground and an outdoor gym. We let the kids run off some steam, but I think we all had fun working out (sort of) on the gym.

We go straight from the woods to a party held for some of Betsy’s class mates, stopping off for some very strong painkillers for my headache and coffee (yet to have one today, did not want caffeine withdrawal to make matters worse).

First iced coffee of the year! And it wasn’t too bad either.

The party was fun. It took place in a soft play that was thankfully air-conditioned. I had a very long chat about Dan Acroyd’s crystal skull vodka with the man behind the bar for some reason. One of the birthday cats was a model of the birthday girl’s favourite toy, which is awesome! Arthur was overjoyed to be playing with Betsy’s classmates. I found myself feeling super grateful for the parents in our class and Boo’s circle of friends. We really landed on our feet with that, everyone is lovely and Betsy is happy.

Once home, A&B watch The Magic Schoolbus (a show that’s from the mid 90s and is really good at explaining science), the current obsession. I doze on the sofa and Dave dozes somewhere else I think. Arthur works out how to blow up the balloon he was given in his party bag and finds it hilarious to let the air out again and again.

We get woken up by the Amazon delivery guy. I receive this month’s Book Club book, Reservoir 13 and Dave gets the new hose he’s been wanting for ages.

We spend the late afternoon in the garden. Me starting my new book, the kids playing with the new hose. Dinner arrives. Dave has ordered pizza for him and the kids and because he’s lovely, my favourite Nandos – mushroom and halloumi wrap.

My turn to put Betsy to bed tonight. She always wants to hold my hand as she falls asleep.

Back downstairs for a bit of exercise (I’m trying to move a bit more. Usually it’s a few pilates moves, but tonight it was a session from the Tone It Up girls), a cup of herbal tea and photo editing (while listening to The Horne Section podcast. It’s funny!).


  1. Fabulous bank holiday 😊 loved reading about your day. Enjoy week in the life. And I hope that headache has gone.

  2. Loved reading about your wonderful bank holiday Monday Charlotte! Sounds like a fun packed day with pockets of relaxation here and there. What book club do you go to? I keep meaning to try one in my attempt to reignite my love of books!

    1. It’s not a “proper” organised book club, it’s just me and a couple of friends who use it as an excuse to meet up once a month 🙂 But it has got me reading more even if we do only talk about the book for about two minutes when we meet!

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