Saturday’s are an odd day when it comes to Week in the Life. I am running out of steam to take photos and if we have people over, I’m even more forgetful when it comes to photography. So I’m going to be keeping the journaling nice and simple too.

Some Saturdays I get to have a bit of a lie in while the kids wander downstairs and watch a bit of telly.

Most Saturdays Ghost Cat doesn’t visit us because his owners are at home, so this is a treat.

Some Saturdays I get to have a sit down breakfast with a good magazine. Croissant and marmalade for the win.

Some days we just horse around.

Most Saturdays there’s a bath for someone.

Some Saturdays I do my nails. This Saturday, these two decided to do the varnish removing for me.

Most days the floor of the bedroom is a wreck.

Most Saturdays we’re off to the big shop for food (and to give Dave space to tidy the house). Most of the time, Arthur will fall asleep on the way there so Betsy finds ways of amusing herself while he snoozes.

Some days we buy kids clothing. Arthur needed summer shoes and chose a glittery blue and pink jelly shoe.

Some days I’ll make a gin based drink.

Today’s had a pink grapefruit juice element to it (it was good!)

Most Saturday Eurovision nights we have friends round to watch the final, drink some drinks and eat all the snacks. It’s always a lovely evening.

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