It always feels really difficult at this point in this project to take interesting and different photos for the day. The upside of this is that I’m forced to do something different in order to get some photos taken, which is nice.

This kid did not want to get up this morning. I know how you feel, Art.

Ghost Cat makes an appearance this week! Usually most weekday mornings he pops in and says hello, but I think it’s been so lovely weather wise, he’s not bothered. Today is definitely cooler than yesterday, so he gets cuddles. It’s really nice to see him, he’s a sweetheart.

I miss my usual train into work which gives me time to grab a coffee and a pastry. I forget the books I’ve been given for my birthday which is very annoying! Listen to random Spotify playlist and write Wednesday’s blog post.

It’s really quiet in work today. There are a couple of big jobs that need to be done though. Firstly logging Business Questions, so you can see who is speaking on the website, and secondly inputting all the informations for the committees taking place next week. I actually really like the second job, you can pop your headphones on and listen to music while fading out the real word while you focus on the work.

I actually gave myself a proper lunch break this afternoon. Partly to strech my legs, partly to get passport photos, partly to buy lunch, but mostly to play with my AWESOME NEW CAMERA.

These anti-Brexit protesters have been here for a while now.

Somewhere in all that scaffolding is Big Ben.

I got my passport photos done. I have been meaning to renew my passport for years now (but never got round to it because we never go abroad), but it’s fell more urgent this year as I’d like it done before Brexit. I’ve got proper motivation now though as my Book Club ladies and I have booked tickets to Paris! It’s for a day trip in October and I could not be more excited! And for my Book Club, here’s a photo of a bookshelf in work with some very old Jane Austins:

So many long corridors in this place.

I’ve been working in the area I’ve been working in for about two years now and finially a couple of weeks ago all the scaffolding outside of our windows were taken down. I can now actually look out of them now! It’s so nice to have more light and a a quite nice view:

St Stephen’s Tower.

And that is where I stop taking photos. I go out for a couple of gins on the Terrace, get a tiny bit squiffy (a tiny bit!), get home by about 10.15 and gp straight to bed. It was a lovely evening, I work with some awesome people.

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  1. I just came across this as I’m trying to get some inspo for my WITL album, which I’m way behind finishing. Where do you work??? It’s fab! Like Marc Darcy’s office! Jealous much?

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