Tuesdays are hard. It’s the first day back to work from the weekend for me and we all have to rush to get ready on time. No one likes it. The kids slept in a little this morning after the busy day yesterday. Once he’s awake, Arthur is happy and lets me get him dressed easily. Besty takes a bit more time to get wake up properly.

I pressed snooze three times on my phone. Lemon and ginger water to start the day.

I prep the food I want to take to work. Breakfast consists of two boiled eggs, shoots, sesame seeds and olive oil. It’s a good desk breakfast. Lunch is a chana masala I made over the weekend with some cucumber yoghurt.

It’s another beautiful day! These days I’m getting an earlier train to get into work, which means I can usually get a seat into Finsbury Park. Lovely. I listen to half a Pantsuit Politics podcast and some music from a random Spotify playlist while I do an Instagram post. Saw a nice little reminder on Instagram Stories from The Positivity Pages.

Actually there are a few messages that caught my eye today. From the sign in Westminster station to the my horoscope on The Cut. I am not a horoscope person, but I like these ones, they feel like good advise.

Photos are few and far between while I am at work. Sorry! It’s just one of those things. I spend most of my days at my desk, slowly spreading my mess out towards my colleagues.

I tend to stay there for hours on end, which is rather bad. I have to remind myself to go for a wander from time to time. Even if that wander is to a toilet the other side of the estate.

Smiley tap!

Bathroom selfie because my dress is awesome.

Train home is a pain in the arse. No room, hot and sweaty.

I get home and I’m greeted by the lovely wisteria growing outside our house. It is in dire need of a prune, but the flowers are gorgeous this year. I can smell them as I work on the computer, it’s divine.

The kids arrive with Nanny and Granddad as I’m looking at the flowers. Arthur particually is pooped, so they watch a couple of episodes of Magic Schoolbus while I cook dinner.

The kids and Dave get pasta, I make courgetti and pop in a tomato sauce. It’s really lovely. Probably helped by the large amount of goats cheese on there.

DAVE’S HOME! He brings in a lot more energy into the house and brings me a tub of mini tea cakes.

Dave and the kiddos conspire against me to wrap my birthday present. I mostly know what it is as Dave and I had a conversation about it a couple of months ago, but A&B don’t know I know and have been asked to keep the secret and help wrap the present. Dave at one point very purposely talked to me to distract me while I heard two little people secretly run up the stairs giggling, hiding something to be revealed in the morning.

After dinner, Dave puts the kids to bed and I make some cakes to bring into work tomorrow. Shhh! Don’t tell my colleagues, it’s a secret.

They are grapefruit drizzle cakes. They’re okay. Possibly a bit too sweet. I am realising that I’m really not a good baker. Sure, I’m enthusiastic, but it’s rare I hit the jackpot. Still, I enjoy doing it and the kids will eat it all, so I’m not complaining really. While the cakes are cooling, I edit photos and write this. Bedtime now! An exciting day awaits tomorrow…


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