Today I am 39. One more year of my thirties left. I’m feeling pretty good about it.

I get woken up by Betsy and Arthur very excitingly waking me up, sitting on me and practically throwing my present at me. I don’t even get a chance to sit up! Arthur helps me unwrap it and I get what I was expecting as Dave and I talked about it – a new camera body. I’ve been wanting one for years. I love my old 600D, but it was starting to feel old (and various bis wern’t working properly) and I needed the next step up, so hello Canon 80D! I’m really excited and slightly intimidated about this camera, there’s so many buttons! And the manual is over 500 pages long.

Betsy very kindly makes me breakfast in bed as a treat. A slice of Marmite on bread, cut into quarters and served in a cupcake case. And there was pudding consisting of mini cakes!

There is no rush into school as Arthur has his first stay and play at the school he’s starting at in September. I am mostly okay about him starting, I am very much looking forward to having Mondays and Fridays all to myself for a little bit. But when there are moments of sadness, they are huge chasms of sadness, making me want to hold on to my babies forever.

We drop Betsy off at school and meet up with my book club chums for coffee. All of our youngest children start school next year and it seems like a lovely work of fate that we’ve been given the same stay and play session too.

We sit underneath the cherry trees while Dave keeps the children entertained as we chat and I get some gorgeous presents (books, obviously and aromatherapy scents). I play with my AWESOME NEW CAMERA for a little bit too.

The stay and play was fine. We walked into the hall and as soon as Arthur saw the train set he was at it like a bullet. We chatted to the teachers, taking about the kids’ likes and dislikes and personality. Suddenly they all seemed tiny again.

The teachers brought in any older siblings for a little bit which was a lovely touch and lovely to see Betsy in her PE kit and I think she rather liked her break from class and to play with Arthur.

Seeing her come into the hall may have pushed me over the edge. 😭

Massive rush into work to get back in time for the end of Prime Minister’s Questions. Getting that clipped and uploaded onto YouTube and SoundCloud is one of my most important jobs of the week.

Coffee first though.

We tick along in the afternoon. I show my friend Dave my AWESOME NEW CAMERA and shows me you can do selfies on it by using the touch screen. Sort of. The camera and lens is a bit too heavy for that, but it could be a fun thing to do sometimes.

Super grateful I get a seat on the train home today, I feel like I’m carrying a million bags.

Back home, there’s dinner to be cooked (toad in the hole from this week’s meal plan), cards and presents to be opened, cake to eat, Magic Schoolbus to be watched and waiting for Dave to get home.

So very grateful for that green view from the living room window.

Just before bedtime, I manage to sneak in ten minutes in the garden. My work colleagues bought me a bottle of gin. It’s a very good gin! I sup it and look at all the forget me nots and savour the quietness.

The kids run around while we try and get ready for bed. I show Dave a few things I’ve learnt about the camera and eventually everyone calms down and settles.

Pictures of me taking a picture of Arthur while he take a picture of me and vice versa:

Tonight it’s my turn to put Arthur to bed. He likes to hold my hair while he falls asleep. I check Instagram for the millionth time today.

I am falling asleep as Dave pops in to bring me downstairs. Photos are edited, but I don’t write this post because I want to sit on the sofa with Dave and watch Taskmaster. It’s possibly my favourite programme at the moment, it makes me laugh out loud more than anything. It is very silly indeed.

Afterwards, around the time I actually turn 39 (I was born at 2222, how cool is that?) I have a look at my oracle cards for a bit of fun and to see what the year holds…

I draw the blackbird reversed. “This card reminds you that the blackbird is the smith’s bird, and his song may be calling you to work in the forge of your own heart – to create a life of passion and purpose”

It’s a very good reading for a birthday and a nice way to end the day.

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  1. I’ve found you from a WITL link and love the photos and details you’ve shared of your days. It’s such a great project for capturing life, as it is, right now! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your week.
    I’m sharing mine a couple of days at a time over on my blog.

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